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Registration in our Webshop:

Parts that are not in stock:


Problems with payment:

Technical questions:

Order pick-up:

Other stuff:


You received an e-mail after your registration with a registration-link.

If you haven’t received it, maybe cause of your SPAM-filters or a tipping mistake in the address, you can let us know by e-mail (info@rc-kleinkram.de).
Please tell us your full name and the e-mail-address from your registration and we’ll finish that for you.

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What happens if I order parts that are not in stock?

You’re able to order parts that are out of stock, as shown in our webshop.
If we shall receive these parts the following days we will wait with the shipping of your order till then to ship your order completely.
If we know, that we won’t receive these parts any time soon, we will contact you to tell you an estimated date, if we are able to. We decide individually if we split the order or not.

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Why is the indicator next to the parts sometimes green, yellow or red?

We offer the opportunity to see in our webshop if the parts are in stock or not. We think that should be part of an open, honest and fair contact with our customers.

As soon as you’ll send your order the ordered items will be reserved for you and will be removed automatically from our shop by the system.

Parts that are shown as green or yellow are really in stock. We don’t lie about that.
We try to ship parts that are in stock the same day as the order has been placed (and paid).  99% of these orders leave us at least at the next workday.
We know how great it is to receive “new toys” and how annoying if you’d have to wait a long time. Cause of that we want to be fast. Cause of that we are fast!

Red means, that this part is out of stock.  Often we’ve ordered it already and it will be in stock again the following workday. Independently from the red indicator you’ll be able to order items that are out of stock (or a higher amount as shown next to the green or yellow indicator). We try to acquire these parts as soon as possible, but we can’t promise anything about the delivery time. 

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I placed an order, which hasn't been shipped yet, and forgot an item.

No problem, just write an e-mail to info@rc-kleinkram.de, including your ordernumber and the partnumber. We will add this part to your order as soon as we can.

If you chose “payment in advance” as payment method we will send you the updated amount by e-mail. If you chose PayPal we will send you a PayPal payment request, which you just have to confirm. If you chose “sofortbanking” you may pay the new part with regular bank transfer oder with PayPal. Please tell us which payment method you’d like in the mail.

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How can I place an order?

You can place an order in our webshop :-).

If you can’t do this cause of technical issues, you can also send us your order by mail (info@rc-kleinkram.de).
We’ll need your full name and address, the parts that you’ll need including partnumber and amount. Please let us know how you want to pay your order.

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I chose "payment in advance" as payment method, but I wanted to pay with PayPal.

It’s no problem.
Just send us an e-mail (info@rc-kleinkram.de) that you want to switch your payment method and as soon as we work on your order we’ll send you a PayPal payment request to your e-mail-address. Just confirm this and we’ll ship your order as soon as possible.

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I chose PayPal as payment method, but the process hasn't been finished or didn't work.

We'll send a PayPal payment request to your mail account as soon as we work on your order. Just confirm this request and we'll ship your order as soon as possible.

You can also send the money for yourself via PayPal. Please use our account for this: ebay@rc-kleinkram.de.

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I chose "sofortbanking" as payment method, but the process hasn't been finish or didn't work.

You may use a regular bank transfer for the payment:Stefan Klein
Sparkasse Westerwald-Sieg
Ktn.-Nr. 500 53 818
BLZ 573 510 30
IBAN DE92 5735 1030 0050 0538 18

You can also pay with PayPal, just send us an e-mail that you want to use PayPal and we’ll send you a payment request to your e-mail-account.

In any case, please let us know what you want to do. Thanks!

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What is your bank account information?

Stefan Klein
Sparkasse Westerwald-Sieg
Ktn.-Nr. 500 53 818
BLZ 573 510 30
IBAN DE92 5735 1030 0050 0538 18

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Can I pay with credit card?.

You can't pay with credit card directly.

If you have a PayPal account, you can use your credit card there for your payment in our webshop.

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I have a technical question about a product and / or need advice.

We’re pleased to help you.

Please send us your question or request by mail to info@rc-kleinkram.de and we’ll try to help you as soon as we can.
The advantage in e-mail is, that you can save our answer and can read it again every time you want.

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Can I call you by phone?

Yes, you can!

Our telephone number is 0049 2741 – 1821987.
Please notice, that you may ask technical questions by e-mail (info@rc-kleinkram.de). If you have questions about a current order we’re pleases to help you by phone.

You cannot place an order by phone.

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My dog / my cat ate my screws, what shall I do?

Of course you can buy new ones in our shop. Please let a vet check on your pet.

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I placed an order, which has been shipped, but I didn't receive it until now.

If your order has been shipped already and didn’t reach you within the told delivery time, please send us your name, ordernumber and the tracking ID by e-mail to info@rc-kleinkram.de.

Expected delivery times:
EU = 2-5+ workdays
worldwide = 7-10+ workdays

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I take part in an event at which you also participate. Could you bring my order with you?

We can do so. You choose the normal delivery method and as payment method „payment in advance“.

Watch out! If you choose „sofortbanking“ as payment method we’re not able to adjust the payment, so the costs for the delivery will be charged! If you choose PayPal as payment method we are forced to ship your order, cause the PayPal-terms does not allow any other delivery method!

Please leave a comment, that we should bring your order with us to the event (you may check the deadlines on our homepage or facebook-page). We’ll confirm this via e-mail.

Upcoming events you'll find here.

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I want to visit you by helicopter, is there a landing field?

Please make an appointment, the landing field has to be cleared.

You may also visit us by yacht. You’d have to make an appointment as well, because the mooring has to be free.

You cannot visit us by private jet, sorry.

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Do you have decals from your shop which I can stick on the body of my car?

Yes, just leave a comment in your order, that you want to get some of the decals and we'll pack some in your order.

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