BURI Racer E12000 - E1.2 Kit - Edition 2019

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BURI Racer E12000 - E1.2 Kit - Edition 2019

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BLOWOUT SALE cause of the new E1.3 buri racer kits.

Save some money and get one of the last E1.2 kits!


Version 2019 - whats different to 2018?
- without alu motor plate
- without fan mount
- without rollcage
- new version of the (harder) steering arms included
- black version of the alu bulkheads included
- graphite front body mount support instead of composite-graphite-mix body mount support



Version 1.2 - what's new?
E1.2 is not a complete new car. It's the second batch of production with some small improvements.
- harder graphite lower deck
- redesigned rear axle
- redesigned bearing blocks to move the spur gear away from the lower deck
- new design of the radio plate (for shorty batteries)
- quick change leavers for the tires with set screw to fix the pin
- front body mount



BURI-Racer E1 model racing car kit – roller only

The brand new BURI-Racer E1 is an absolutely minimized 1/8 electric 4WD racing car: It is fast - it is simple to maintain – this means: more time for fun! It is a 4WD Pan-Car with an effort as low as possible in setup features, maintenance and spare parts.  Within less than 2 hours the BURI-Racer E1 is completely assembled out of only 70 different pieces!


technical data:
chassis lenght: 436mm  (with body: 515mm)
width: max. 267mm
chassis height: 110mm  (with body: 180mm)
track width front: 258mm
track width rear: 265mm
wheelbase: 297mm
total weight: 2200g


additional equipment (not included in the kit):
motor: 1850 - 2300kv,  Φ 42 x 68mm, shaft Φ 5mm
esc: 120A, max. 4s,
batteries: LiPo 4s 5000mAh 30c hardcase  (approx. 138 x 46 x 45mm)
tires: standard OS2 (front 32shore Φ 69x36mm  - rear 35shore Φ 76x65mm)

body: every 1/8th track body with 267mm width


Sold as kit. Electronics, Wheels and body are NOT included.



The kit is also know as item number E12000 at BURI Racer.

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