Corally 53001 - Cerix PRO 120 1S "Racing Factory" - 1S Brushless Speed Controller

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Corally 53001 - Cerix PRO 120 1S "Racing Factory" - 1S Brushless Speed Controller

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The Team Corally CERIX-PRO 120 1S electronic speed controller for sensored and sensorless motors is being fine tuned for the today's high power brushless motors. Everything can be set-up on these controllers to provide you the best functionality and performance. 
The CERIX-PRO 120 1S is manufactured with the highest grade components to ensure the lowest possible internal resistance resulting in a optimised performance. The CERIX-PRO 120 1S controller give the competition 1/12 racer what he needs. You will experience the best controllability of your 1/12 Pan car, no matter you use it with Spec or Modified motors


  • For sensored and sensorless motors
  • Manufactured with the highest grade components
  • Ultra compact design
  • Aluminum case for improved heat dissipation
  • Built-In Capacitors
  • Built in power switch
  • Advanced boost and turbo timing system for improved acceleration performance 
  • Enhanced throttle and brake control function.
  • 10 programmed profiles can be stored in the ESC
  • DC Booster BEC voltage 6.0V 3A Current
  • Powerful TC Link software to test motor timing and advise the best ESC timing setting


Power Specs:

Application: 1/12 Pan Car
Cont. Current (A): 120A
Burst (A): 760A
Nr of Li-xx Cells: 1S
BEC: 6V 3A
Motor Type: Sensored - Sensorless
Motor Limits: => 3.5T o 1/12 Pan Car
Resistance: 0.00030 ohm
Dimensions: 38.5x31x23mm
Weight: 50g

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