XRAY 300026 - T4 2020 - 1:10 EP Touring Kit - GRAPHITE Version

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2020 All-new Features.

T4 - All-new 2020
- All-new completely redesigned platform
- All-new central drive train system with perfectly balanced weight transfer
- All-new weight balance
- All-new chassis design for central drive system and the long suspension arms mounting but also includes holes for the mounting positions for the short arms
- All-new 7mm longer suspension arms front and rear for more traction and stability and improved cornering speed
- All-new chassis positions for suspension mounts for new longer arms
- All-new additional ultra-low shock mounting position for high traction conditions to eliminate chassis roll and impoves atability
- All-new bulkheads are redesinged and moved 1mm more closer together from each side to fit the new long arms.
- All-new more centrally positioned bulkhead backbone with arm mount positions more into center
- All-new super low anti-roll bar mounting position below the driveshafts for super low CG
- All-new upper clamps for new bulkheads which are positioned 1mm more to the center feom each side to work with the new long arms
- All-new central drive train system for better on and off power balance of the car which improves the traction and stability of the car
- All-new Kevlar reinforced drive belts
- All-new shocktowers for new bulkheads which are positioned 1mm more to the center from each side to work with the new long arms
- All-new suspension holders to accomodate the all-new suspension geometry
- All-new graphite top deck for new central drive train system
- All-new black color of all parts for slick design
- All-new desing of plenty of other related parts of the all-new platform


Sold as kit, without electronics, body or tires.

Due to seasonal changes/needs it might be necesseray for us to convert kits from alu to carbon (or reversed). For this we'll open the kit, replace the chassis and reseal the kit.



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