XRAY 302721 - Brass Front Lower 1-Piece Suspension Holder - Front - FR (+7.75g)

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• 3x heavier than alu holders
• Eliminates need for additional chassis weights
• Eliminates negative chassis flex
• Equal weight addition left & right
• Available for front or rear suspension

Brass suspension holders were created to add additional weight to the car to attain the minimum weight limit, and to replace other chassis-mounted weights which negatively influence chassis flex. The brass holders are 3x heavier than aluminum holders, they place the extra weight equally on left and right sides, and they keep the CG as low as possible while not introducing negative flex to the chassis. Moreover, the brass holders also influence the handling characteristics, and may be used for further fine tuning the car’s set-up.

Using the brass holders in the FRONT reduces traction roll. 
Recommended for high-traction conditions.

Using the brass holders in the REAR improves the car’s rotation and steering. 
Recommended for medium-traction conditions.

Fit: T4'14, T4'15 and T4'16.

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