LRP 431281 - HV LCG Stock Spec Graphene 4 - 6100mAh - 7.6V LiPo - 135C/65C - 273g

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The new 2020 battery Line of LRP!

- Lenght: 139.0mm
- Height: 22.5mm
- Width: 47.0mm
- Weight: 273g



NEVER keep your LiPo completely charged or uncharged! Both of these charging states damage the LiPo irreversible and lead to bloating the cells. A completely charged LiPo has the same consequences concering the mount as a completely uncharged LiPo.

Please follow the instructions absolutely and without exception. There aren´t many instructions you have to read – but you should read this one, understand it and act according to it.


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