SANWA 107A53471A - Low Profile Servo (SDX-801)

SANWA 107A53471A - Low Profile Servo (SDX-801)

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Low Profile Servo (SDX-801)

Sanwa releases a new high-competition digital low-profile servo built with full metal gears, coreless motor and dual ball bearings.

The Sanwa SDX-801 sets new standards in R/C car servos. The SDX-801 is so small it can be placed in any R/C car chassis without any problems and at the same time lower the cars overall weight and center of gravity. Due to the small weight of only 50g the SDX-801 is also perfect for today’s touring cars where left/right chassis balance is a huge problem due to racing with LiPos or 5-cell NiMH batteries which creates overweight on the electrical side of the chassis.  

Used by LRP factory driver Ronald Völker to 2nd place and Vice-World Champion title at the 2008 IFMAR 1/10 Electric World Championship and 1st place at the 2009 German Indoor Championship.

Weight 50g
Type digital
Manipulating speed 0.05s/40° - 6.0V
Manipulating energy 6.4kg*cm 6.0V
Dimensions 40.5x21x26.5mm
Application 1/10
Double ball bearings yes
Metal gear yes


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