Protoform 10139-00 + 2765-03 - Vintage Tires 31mm - Rims 31mm black - unassembled (1 pair)

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1x Protoform 10139-00 - 31mm VTA Vintage Tires - includign inserts (2 pcs)
1x Protoform 2765-03 - 31mm VTA Vintage Rims - BLACK (2 pcs)


Not assembled!

Limited availabilty!



Description Protoform 10139-00:


PROTOform is excited to announce our first ever tire: the new official spec tire for US Vintage Trans Am Racing.

This pair of VTA tires is fully-approved for USVTA Racing and is fully-capable on any surface: carpet, prepared asphalt or parking lots. Utilizing a super long-lasting compound and molding technology perfected by our partners at Pro-Line Racing, we're proud to say the new VTA spec tire will be 100% Made in the USA. 

On high-grip CRC carpet, these tires have been tested to provide an easy-to-drive handling feel and comparable lap times to previous VTA tires, all without the need for superglued sidewalls. On asphalt, these tires grip well with additives and provide realistic tire screeching sounds for an ultra-scale effect.

PROTOform’s VTA tires are sold in pairs and are a direct fit on both HPI Vintage Wheels and our upcoming PROTOform VTA wheels. Included with the tires are gray open-cell foam inserts. Strap the 26mm fronts and 31mm rears to your 190mm touring car, grab a PROTOform VTA body, and go racin’, vintage style!



Description Protoform 2765-03:


Will fit only to Protofom VTA Vintage Tires or HPI Retro Tires!

Will NOT fit to standard touring car tires!


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Protoform 10139-00 - 31mm VTA Vintage Tires - including inserts (2 pcs)
Product no.: 05-PF-10139-00
1 piece(s) 13.90 *
Protoform 2765-03 - 31mm VTA Vintage Rims - BLACK (2 pcs)
Product no.: 05-PF-2765-03
1 piece(s) 8.90 *
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