Tamiya 86049 - PS-49 polycarbonate spray - ALU EFFEKT BLUE - 100ml

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Tamiya 86049 - PS-49 polycarbonate spray - ALU EFFEKT BLUE - 100ml

Effect colours work best when they'll be lodged with BLACK (PS-5)Otherwise they will remain transparent.


Tamiya polycarbonate spray is the highest quality and most popular colour on the market and will be painted from the inside of the body.
It's the inverted principle than a painting from outside: What you want to see first, has to be painted first.
Dark colours should be painted first or light colours should be lodged with WHITE (PS-1), before dark colours will be painted afterwards.
Use thin layers and let them dry proper in between. Prefer lots of thin layers over a thick layer or the colour could run.

Tamiya colours shouldn't be used with colours from other  producers, if possible, to avoid a reaction (dispersion, hardening, ...).


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