Tamiya 42257 - TRF 201 - XM Conversion Kit - Midship Motor

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This conversion set can be attached to models which have already been equipped with Item 42253 TRF201 XR Aluminum Lower Deck Set (Long Wheelbase). It transforms the TRF201 chassis into a mid-ship motor layout, making it more suited to high-grip surfaces such as carpet. A newly-designed body is also included in the set.



Note: Many indoor off-road track (mainly in Europe) use carpet as part of the driving surface for off-road racing. Under these conditions it has been found that mid-ship motor placement has proven ideal. In the USA, most tracks that exhibit high traction are located indoors. This new item can prove advantageous under those conditions. 


  • Aluminum Gearbox x1
  • Aluminum Stiffner x1
  • Aluminum Motor Plate x1
  • Carbon Rear Damper Stay x1
  • Body x1
  • Compatible with TRF201 equipped with Item 42253 TRF201 XR Aluminum Lower Deck (Long Wheelbase).

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