Bittydesign BDBPMK10-BL - Body Post Marker Kit - blue (4 pieces)

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No problems with already painted bodies anymore :-)


For 6mm body posts (1/10).

Colour is blue.

Some pictures show the also available colours.


Please note!
The magnets are made from neodymium which makes them extremly magnetic. This is necessary for the little magnets so they can hold a body in position.
A second feature of neodymium is, it is extremly brittle.
The magnets are very strong and it only takes to magnets to connect in an akward way to let them brake. When there is a body between the magnets it works as a damper. If the magnets connect directly there is no damping and the magnets brake.
The tool is extremly helpful and handy, but there is a bit of caution necessary so it'll work a long time.

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