FENIX FX0038 - Extra Mile High - Ball Bearing Oil - 10ml

FENIX FX0038 - Extra Mile High - Ball Bearing Oil - 10ml

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1 l = 790.00 €

Fenix Extra Mile High oil is an ultra light weight ball bearing oil that provides exceptional lubrication to high RPM bearings.

We're talking of genuine aero grade bearing oil, true Fenix Extra Mile High Oil is normally used for aircraft lubrication as well separately lubricated high speed turbines.

Fenix Estra Mile High oil is particularly suitable for use when an oil with a low evaporation rate is required at high and low temperatures.

Fenix Estra Mile High oil is a low volatility synthetic oil, it is oxidation and corrosion inhibited, and possesses good high and low temperature characteristics.


10 Ml Bottles w/ needle applicator for precision application. 

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