NOSRAM 91555 - Stealth Touch Evolution - LiPo Charger - 12V - 12A - 20A discharge

NOSRAM 91555 - Stealth Touch Evolution - LiPo Charger - 12V - 12A - 20A discharge

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Its predecessors have always been the first choice of the R/C press and the World’s top drivers. This success story continues with the Stealth Touch Evolution – impressively proven by another WC title: IFMAR EP Offroad Worlds 2011!
The Stealth Touch Evolution shines with its revolutionary functions, a special touch screen display with graphic user interface and high-class features. This puts also the 4th Stealth Touch Evolution generation in a class of its own! 
Another special highlight is the integrated high performance LiPo/ LiFePo balancer that detects differences in the cells and automatically starts balancing. This results in a longer lifetime and even better performance of the battery. 
• Adjustable fast charge from 0.1 to 12.0A! 
  1-4 cells (LiPo/LiFePo) with automatic LiPo/LiFePo cut-off
  1-8 cells (NiMH/NiCd) with adjustable Delta-Peak detection, linear or optional 5-step charge mode
  (charging with variable current steps)
• Autostart-Timer for maximum comfort
• Storage Mode: The battery is charged/discharged automatically until the optimum voltage
   for storing is reached. Longest cell lifetime!
• Adjustable high-power discharge current up to 20.0A! For perfect matching of your batteries
• Adjustable cut-off voltage for a perfect adaptation to all type of batteries and number of cells
• Automatic Cycling Mode (Discharge - Charge - Discharge) for perfect conditioning of your batteries
The following items are already included: USB wire, output wire with alligator clamps, output wire with 4mm plug and balancing connector, Y-Hall Sensorboard including 3 sensor wires.

  • Touch screen Graphic Display, red backlit
  • Integrated LiPo/LiFePo Balancer: The Balancer is specially developed for the use with LiPo and LiFePo batteries. It automatically detects cell condition for all 2- up to 4 cell batteries. If the difference between the cells is more than 5mV, the balancing starts automatically.
  • Brushless motor sensor port: for sensor check and rpm measurement
  • Receiver simulator port: for function check of speed controls and servos
  • Fully Adjustable: Intuitive program structure with graphical user interface, allows precise adjustment of all parameters
  • User Profile Memory: 5 factory pre-set profiles which can be customised, renamed and saved in memory
  • USB connection (wire included): for firmware updates
  • Microprocessor controlled: Fully adjustable for perfect operation, maximum performance and highest safety
  • Multi Protection System: 100% protection against output reverse polarity, short circuit, input voltage error and over charge.
  • Voltage calibration for maximum accuracy
  • DC Input 11-15V

Charge power 140W


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