BASEIQ BQ0003 - Ball Bearing Set - for Tamiya TA-02 (22 pcs)

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A set of ball bearings should be the first option part for your Tamiya car!

You should replace the standard bearings (plastic and metal) before you use your car for the first time.

Ball bearings will reduce friction and increase speed and runtime!


As a professional racer you should always check and know the conditions of your bearings. 
You want to be the fastest guy on track? Don't forget your bearings - it's one of the keys to a successful dack at the track!

BASEIQ bearings are made of high qualitiy steel - already pre-oiled with a low friction oil. Both sides are covers with a rubber sealing to protect your bearing.


The set contains 22 bearings and will fit for Tamiya TA-02.
It doesn't matter if you want to use them with TA-02, TA-02SW, TA-02S or TA-02W.
2 pcs. 10x15x4mm
2 pcs. 6x12x4mm
6 pcs. 5x8x2.5mm
12 pcs. 5x11x4mm


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