#PHUB - PH58 - Tire Grip - Outdoor Tyre Additive - HYBRID - 60ml

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1 l = 331.67 €

The #PHUB Hybrid Grip is the first additive from PHUB made specially for asphalt tracks.
It’s made from a blend of thin/light additives and oily/heavier additives. This unique blend ensures perfect traction and steering, and Will help any driver to go faster!
It’s important to notice that by using the Hybrid Grip, the additive works better in higher temperatures. It Will of course work in any temperature, but Will kick-in really well in higher temps.
The Hybrid Grip has its name from how it was developed: It was specially made to work without tyre warmers, but to still provide the perfect Grip from lap 1. But it showed that by using tyre warmers, the Hybrid Grip works even better!


The Power Grip comes in the well-known PHUB additive bottle with a 60ml content and a foam top for your comfort! It will be a must have in any RC bag around the world, as this additive is both fast and easy to drive, always. 


The bottle has an integrated application sponge.



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