XRAY 300029 - T4 2021 - 1:10 EP Touring Kit - ALU FLEX Version

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Available in three different versions.
Graphite => for low to medium traction
Alu Flex => for medium to high traction
​Alu Hard => for high traction


2021 All-new Features.

The new chassis plates are redesigned to work with the new motor mount and T brace, and feature alignment holes for the updated RF suspension holders.

The new top deck has a narrower front section for improved steering characteristics and forward traction, while the revised rear profile provides improved motor clearance for spec class motors and gearing.

An all-new motor mount is now machined as a single piece for increased strength.

The mount features an integrated tensioner to precisely control the rear belt tension.

New battery backstops are integrated into the motor mount and are compatible with shorty battery packs.

Improved central flex characteristics comes from the new configuration connecting the motor mount to a new T-brace for additional control.

New bulkheads are updated with improved rear arm clearance for using the high roll center positions without arm modification.

All-new adjustable front body stop system controls the backstop height and allows for lower front body positioning to improve high speed steering and stability.

The new tweak-free, fully-adjustable Quick Battery Mounting System offers simple and secure battery installation without tape and without adverse effects on chassis flex.

Composite front upper bumper brace included in the kit for increased damage protection from serious crashes.

New RF suspension holders feature centering pins for more precise installation and a more accurate and consistent rear toe-in setting.

Steel outdrives for the solid axle are now included in the kit for improved durability.

The 8mm steering plate is now included based on racer feedback from both modified and spec classes preferring the cornering characteristics and easier control.

52mm ECS drive shafts are included for increased stability and cornering speed in Spec Class racing on most track conditions.

The 2.5-2.8 front and 2.6 rear springs are now included as the most popular combination used across all classes and conditions.

All aluminium parts are now black anodized including the shocks and steering system.


Sold as kit, without electronics, body or tires.

Due to seasonal changes/needs it might be necesseray for us to convert kits from alu to carbon (or reversed). For this we'll open the kit, replace the chassis and reseal the kit.



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