XRAY 370013 - X12 2021 - EU Edition - 1/12 PanCar Kit

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XRAY releases the follow-up of their successful champion - the new X12 2021!

It's again available in two different versions.

X12 2021 EU Edition - flex alu chassis, ball diff axle, flexible concept for medium to high traction
X12 2021 US Edition - solid alu chassis, spool axle, ultra stiff concept for high to very high traction

What's NEW in 2021?

  • ALL NEW alu lower deck
  • ALL NEW graphite lower front arms
  • ALL NEW KingPing solution (no more upper arms!)
  • ALL NEW front steering arms
  • ALL NEW front springs
  • ALL NEW front chassis stiffener
  • ALL NEW rear bulkheads
  • ALL NEW rear lower pod
  • ALL NEW rear pivot
  • ALL NEW battery mount system
  • ALL NEW center spring
  • ALL NEW graphite chassis frame stiffener

Delivered as a kit - as usual in the competition area without any additional accessories. No body, no wheels, no electronics.

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