SANWA 101A32471A - M17 Transmitter - 2.4GHz - incl. RX-491 Receiver


SANWA 101A32471A - M17 Transmitter - 2.4GHz - incl. RX-491 Receiver

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Main features:

· Ultra Response Mode (SUR) New Transmitter system "FH5" makes new record of the World Fastest Response.

· Color Display and Touch Panel are easy to control.

· Light weight (about 510g) and high rigidity than M12S

· Steering and Throttle Position Optimization and Steering Swing Adjust Function

· Detachable Throttle Unit is available to change spring by drivers (World First)


Product description:

· Installed "Fine Color Display (480x320)

· Touch Pad can be smooth & quick to set

· Installed Detachable Throttle Unit is available to change spring by drivers

· Steering and Throttle position can be optimized without off set bracket. Improved Steering Unit can be increased case strength during operation

· Improved Steering Unit is available to be steering swing adjustment

· Battery recharge port is installed and battery can be check when recharging

· Compatible with Micro SDHC Card is available to manage firmware update, model data, and Telemetry Log

· Installed Multi-Setting Function is available to set PGS servos to connect with transmitter

· Compatible with SSL CODE10 and CODE5 function is available to set PGS servos and SUPER VORTEX Gen2 PRO without any connection

· Installed tilt carrying handle can be holding and easy to put in the box

· Steering Unit can change position for lefty

· Detachable Strap Hook is placed on ideal position for drivers

· Succeeded Full Adjustable Trigger can be fittable for individual

· Optional Large Steering Wheel in package is available to be fine operation

· Available to customize by grip pad, brake trigger, angle spacer, and variable spring in package

· RX-491 is compacted receiver and waterproof and is plugged in BIND system and short antenna

· Installed Screen Reader Function is available to sound Lap Time and Telemetry Data and installed headphone jack can be used

· Quick and easy to set as model data and other setting by Quick Set Up Wizard


System features:

· Dull-dot Color LCD(480x320)

· Switchable driving position(Left/Right)

· Touch Pad

· Built-in Antenna

· ST,TH Adjuster

· Detachable Fully Adjustable Throttle Unit

· Feeling

· Safety Link

· Racing Mode

· Setup Wizard

· Dual Rate

· End Pint Adjust

· Anti-Lock Brake

· Servo Speed

· Offset

· Trim/Sub Trim

· Servo Reverse

· Curve

· Fail Safe

· Timer

· Lap


· Model Memory

· Model Name

· Model (Select/Copy/Clear/Sort)

· Direct Model Select

· RF Mode (FH5,FH4,FH3)

· Response Mode (SUR/SSR/SHR/NOR)

· Bind

· Log(REC/RPM/VOLT/TLM1/TLM2/ST Point/TH Point/RX Mode/Reading Function)

· Servo Monitor

· Key Assign

· Vibrator

· AUX Type

· Trim Type

· TH Type

· Calibration

· Custom Menu

· Mechanical Rudder Angle Adjustment

· Large Steering Wheel included

· Large/Small Grip Pad included

· Compatible RX: Telemetry-compatible(RX-491, RX-482, RX-472, RX-47T, RX-462, RX-461) , Non-Telemetry-Compatible(RX-481,RX-481WP, RX-471 Dual ID, RX-471W, RX-451R, RX-451, RX-381,RX-480)


What´s included:

· Grip Pad (Large/Small)

· Large Steering Wheel

· Strap Hook

· Steering Slant Parts (Right Hand/Left Hand)

· Trigger Angle Spacer

· Brake Trigger(+1/+2)

· Spring for ST and TH (Hard, Medium, Soft, Super Soft)

· Dial Cover for Lefty

- receiver

- lipo battery




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