SAVÖX SB-2263MG - Servo for Cars, Planes, Helicopters

SAVÖX SB-2263MG - Servo for Cars, Planes, Helicopters

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 Servo for Cars, Planes, Helicopters


scope: helicopters, planes, cars
manipulating speed S2/60° (sek): 0,076
manipulating speed S1/60° (sek): 0,10
manipulating energy S2 (kg): 10,0
width (mm): 20,2
height (mm): 25,4
length (mm): 40,8
weight (g): 48,0
manipulating energy S1 (kg): 8,0
high voltage capable: no
voltage 1 (Volt): 4,8
class: Low Profile
ball bearings: 2
voltage 2 (Volt): 6,0
type of transmission: Metal
type of case: partly metal
teeth: 25
type of engine: brushless
model-class: 1/10, 1/8







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