SkyRC 500036-01 - Corner Weight System Set - Bluetooth

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  • In order to optimally coordinate a car that can be driven in a balanced way in all situations, a computer-controlled weighing system is essential. SKYRC's Bluetooth Corner Weight System can help achieve just that.

    The system measures the weight on each individual axis on the model. Thus, it pretty much reflects the existing weight distribution of the racing car on each wheel and makes it possible to optimize and adapt it with small changes. This gives you a decisive advantage the next time You hit the road.

    Because a well-balanced chassis can be moved more easily and quickly than a chassis with a different weight on all four axes. Like this the car will behave very differently when cornering to the left than when cornering to the right. And driving stability will otherwise suffer significantly, especially on fast routes, and driving errors will increase.


  • Designed for difter and touring cars
  • Real-time display of all data via Bluetooth on the smartphone
  • Measure the corner weight of your car as well as the front and rear distribution
  • Make almost pinpoint adjustments for a perfect balance (in 0.1g or 0.01oz steps)
  • Maximum weight per scale: 2000g (8000g in total)
  • Selectable units: gram and ounce
  • Powered by four button cell batteries

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