BURI Racer E21000 - E2.1 Kit - 1/8 Brushless Onroad

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BURI-Racer E2.1 – the new ultimate racer:

The new top model BURI-Racer E2.1 is a middle belt driven chassis with a full symmetric design.

Main highlights:
- middle belt design means minimized reactions of the belt to the chassis and less influence on drivability
- symmetric design means perfect tweak - easy ride height adjustment system (application for utility models done) rear (+/-4mm) and front (+/-3mm) shimless without changing the body position
- 2x2s stic or shorty battery systems can be used. Shorty batteries can be easily moved for- or backwards to adjust weight distribution
- the rear end comes with a lot of flex adjustment options as the flex body mount or multiple positions to fix the radio plate on the chassis
- the front end also allows with a direct fixture to set different flex options
- lightweight design but still durable, slim chassis plate with more flex and lengthwise hardness
- new bumper, pivotball steering blocks, CVD axles as standard are compatible with most nitro cars
- optional airscoop, the high efficient airguide that replaces the motor fan


Sold as kit. Electronics, Wheels and body are NOT included.
The shown airscop is an optional part which is not included in the standard kits.




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