Awesomatix A800FX - Car Kit - 190mm FWD Touring - Alu Lower Deck Version

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The A800FX FWD Touring Car is designed to offer the optimal weight distribution combined with the lowest center of gravity to make this fun class even more enjoyable. 

Our goal was to create a front wheel drive car with easy changeable front/rear balance, which is one of the main setup adjustments for this class cars. Inside the front bumper we integrated a 65g heavy steel insert which offer the possibility to add another 50g by placing five pcs of 10g round weights into the milled areas of bumper. Furthermore, the lower deck has plenty of additional holes for mounting of our standard 10g and 5g round weights. 

We decided to place the Motor/Servo/Battery components as close as possible behind the front axle to get more pressure on the driven axle. This made it necessary to design a very narrow and compact steering system. As a result of all these features, the front/rear weight distribution of A800FX can be easily adjusted between F70%/R30% and F60%/40% via rearrangement of the round weights along the chassis length.

The Motormount, which is placed death center in the middle line of the chassis, offer together with the new developed topdeck layout a variety of flex options to set the car to your given track conditions.

On the rear end of the car it was important to keep it as simple and lightweight as possible with the chance to place weights to change the balance. 
As the FWD Bodyshells are mostly hatchback designs with a high roof, we worked on a solution to mount the bodyshells without the need of 20cm long bodyposts.

Our solution was kind of simple but prosperous, by designing a special holder to mount the bodyposts in horizontal position.

All this features and ideas make the A800FX very easy to drive on all track conditions which guarantee close racing and huge fun at the racetrack. 


Special Features of the A800FXA and A800FXC versions:
- C01FXA 7075T6 2mm Alloy Lower deck for A800FXA kit

- C01FXC  2.2mm Carbon Lower deck for A800FXC kit

- IFJ Inner Front Joint System
- C04M1-LA Long Arm Set
- 225m Bando belt
- special designed AM14FX Steering Arm
- special designed AM19FX Upper Arm Holder
- special designed AM08FX Rear Shocks Holder

- special designed AM77FX Motor Mount
- special designed AT120-FX Pulley

- special designed AT13FX Rear Wheel Hex

- special designed AT157 Rear Uprights

- special designed C107 and C27FX front and rear topdeck

- special designed C105 Rear Body Holder

- special designed C34 Rear Strut

- special designed P15FX Foam Bumper

- special designed ST265 65g Bumper Weight

- special designed P49 Steering Rack

- special designed ST70 + ST152 Guide Bar and Steering Holder


A800X-C with carbon chassis or
A800FX-A with alloy chassis

What's the difference between A800FX-C and A800FX-A?
Only the lower deck. Nothing else!

So it's very easy to switch :-)


Sold as kit. Without wheels, electronic, servo arm and spur gear.

Please note:
Awesomatix is free in using suitable parts for kits. Some details of the content may be different from one batch to another. That's normal.

Pictures are showing the graphite lower deck. You'll get the alu lower deck as offered.

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